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Inequality for All Documentary: Wealth Disparity and How It Affects Our Nation

Economic disparity, is one of the most interesting topics that can be touched on when it comes to our economy. If you’ve been in tuned with the news lately, rising inflation and minimum wage protest have been in the front of news headlines, and have caused alarming concerns for economist. In the very informative documentary, ” Inequality for All”, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich talks about the pivoting exploits behind stagnant american wages, lack of wealth building in families, and the importance of the middle class to the American economy. Reich goes on to say in the film, ” In 1978, the average male U.S worker earned $48,000, adjusted for inflation, while the average member of the 1 percent earned $390,000, or eight times as much. By 2010 that middle class guy’s wages had declined to $33,000, while the 1 Percenter was making $1.1 million, or 33 times more.” It’s adamant that our economy has been through major crisis events, that have left middle class Americans at tragic ends. Reich goes on in the film, and expands on a few statistical explanations on our nations economic structure.

1. Reich believes that Globalization Impacted American Jobs

Globalization is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideals and other views of cultures. It also means the impact of outsourcing and integrating on one combined global system that can in turn make and service a product for businesses. According to Reich, increased globalization meant many jobs were outsourced overseas, including those that didn’t require a formal education, such as a college degree. Although, a college degree doesn’t guarantee success in all cases, it is known to make social climbing within the class scale more likely than not obtaining a higher education. Due to stagnant wages for the middle class, obtaining a college degree in the U.S has been made harder for middle class families to afford.

2. The Middle Class American Families Holds Together the Economy

Reich speaks thoroughly on the importance that the middle class families have on our economy. Because it is the largest group of social class in the U.S, consumption, and buying of products by the middle class feeds more money into our economy. With stagnant wages, Americans are now more likely living off credit to afford daily living necessities. It’s been a strain for many families to bounce back after layoffs, and ongoing increase inflation, which is not being matched fairly to yearly earnings.

3. Anti Union Legislation & Deregulation Contributed Negatively to the Economy

Reich states in the film, that taking apart the unions that helped protect middle class workers was a start to the economies stagnant wage crisis. It was in the 1970’s, that these changes came about when there was a decline of unions under Reagan’s presidency. He goes on to explain the “Federal Air Traffic Controller Strike”, when President Reagan fired 12,000 workers, because of a law violation that forbids federal workers from striking. It was something that Reich was very passionate about in the film, and seemed to ignite a fire of discussion.

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Business Plans : The Key Element In What Investors Are Looking For

So you’re a new start-up and you’ve been working day and night to perfect your business plan. You need a loan of credit to get you started and you seem to think that your business plan is rock solid. You have a good look on your potential customer base, market demographic is established, products and services looks good too. However, is your business plan strong enough to catch the eye of investors and make them interested in partnering with you on your business? Investors are accustomed to hearing about new business ideals, continuously. It’s what they do for a living and making sure you have the things that they are looking for, in your business presentation, can either make or break you on a partnership deal.

1. Have You Established Revenues and Sales From Your Business Already 

Investors are taking a risk when they monetary invest in companies. Before they invest in your business, they want to see financial projections of what your business has already done. Have you expanded on distribution with new stores and is there substantial growth? How much does it cost for you to make your product and what is your mark up price? Do you have established revenues coming in from previous sells or are you struggling to get by? Investors want to see that your business will not be a bad risk, but a potential heavy hitter. Showing true and accurate financial projections of what your business has done in the past two years can give them an ideal of your cash flows and how well your business is doing today. Investors want to see liquidity, so make sure you’re sharing this important information.

2. What Are Your Customers Saying

Sales and customer service is crucial to business today. Without these two elements, you’re toast. Customers are the foundation of your business and giving the best service to them should always be number one. Ever heard of the saying, “The customer is always right!”, in this case they will be to the investor. Customers are the gate-keeper to understanding your product to a degree because they are using it and buying it. There is no other perfect person to ask, then your customers, when it comes to products and services. Investors are interested in knowing how well your customers enjoy your product and if it’s quality.

3. Understand How Your Business Stacks Up Against Competitors 

This is important! Today, there are a variety of industries that duplicate each other and its important to specialize your business to make it unique. An investor will be leery to invest in a business model that has already been established and done with. Just because your business is doing well doesn’t mean that an investor will partner with you. Make sure that your company, brand and product stands out amongst the sea of other businesses. Understand that if there are other businesses pushing the same products and services as you, an investor might not be interested in something they already see. Diversify your product mix with attributes that have not been seen or used. This is when creativity comes into play, and will be very important in landing an investor deal.

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Networking : Most Valuable Return on Investment

Networking is a crucial element to a budding career, from establishing new connections or finding a potential partnership. Bottom line, its important! It can also build confidence, establish business relationships with peers who are accomplishing the same goals, and allows for you to meet people with more expertise. The greatest thing about networking, is that it’s absolutely free and valuable. It can shape your career like no other and open doors that you might not have known could be opened.

1. Networking Opens Up Your Inner Circle 

It’s a great opportunity to meet individuals that you can learn from and do business with. It has the greatest return on investment when it comes to the knowledge that’s obtained from attending networking events. Meeting a future mentor, or meeting a potential client is something that money can’t buy. It allows you to step away from family and friends, to get a clear view of what success looks like among others that are already established.

2. Make Business Cards and Keep In Touch 

How many times have you run into a potential opportunity and you didn’t have a business card? Too many to count. At networking opportunities, business cards are crucial and shows your level of seriousness when it comes to establishing business networks. When you’re meeting other like-minded individuals and opening up your circle, its important to have ways of keeping in touch. Providing a business card to a potential client allows them to keep in touch with you months down the line when they might need your business services. A detailed business card includes your full name, a valid professional email address, a direct line to reach you and a website to your services. Don’t have a website developed yet, well then a profile of your work such as an online portfolio or LinkedIn profile will suffice.

3. Helps New Entrepreneur’s with Seeking Advice

Starting up a new company and need suggestions? Networking is the best way for a new business owner to get their feet wet and to pick the brains of already established business entrepreneurs. It’s a good way for new start ups to build their inner circles, establish their brands, and seek suggestions on developing their companies. Many times, there is a diversity of business owners at these events from every industry. The learning and connections are valuable and could potentially give you the advice you’ve been looking for.

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Elizabeth Holmes : How Her Company Theranos Changed Medical Technology

Elizabeth Homes is the youngest self made billionaire. She also happens to be founder and CEO of Theranos, a blood diagnostics company that makes blood test convenient and efficient for medical practitioners. Holmes founded Theranos at the age of 19 while pursuing her studies in Chemical Engineering at Stanford University. Her vision for her company was to eliminate the expensive cost and fear of blood work that doctors and patients have become accustomed too. Theranos, supplies advanced information from a patients blood work sample with a single prick of a finger, this technology eliminates the fear of needles and also provides information for doctors in a matter of four hours. Partnered with Walgreen’s pharmacy, the medical company allows for the blood work to be used in an assortment of test that can be potentially ran by a practitioner for diagnosing.

“We’ve created these little tiny tubes, which we call the ‘nanotainers’, which are designed to replace the big, traditional tubes that come from your arm, and instead allow for all the testing to be done from a tiny drop from a finger,” Holmes told CBS News. 

With the value of her company Theranos at $9 billion, Holmes owns half of the medical technology company, making her net worth more than $4.5 billion. “I work all the time and I’m basically in the office from the time I wake up, and then working until I go to sleep every day,” she says. But, Holmes is still more about her vision, then she is about how well she has done financially. She goes on to explain, “You know, it’s not what matters. What matters is how well we do in trying to make people’s lives better. That’s why I’m doing this. That’s why I work the way I work. And that’s why I love what I’m doing so much.”

Still her innovation has helped changed the world, with her drive to make a difference, we’ve witness history in the making.

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Are you Doubting Yourself Before You Start : The Power in Writing Out Your Goals

Doubt, we’ve all been there before, but why do we doubt ourselves before we start. There are many excuses women give themselves when it comes to obtaining a life long goal: from finishing that business plan that’s been sitting in your laptop, exercising so you can lose that additional 15 pounds or even going back to school. There is power in writing out your goals so that you have a persistent reminder of what you’re trying to accomplish in your life. Procrastination and avoidance of accomplishing tasks is commonly linked to depression and anxiety. We all know where your productivity level will be under that amount of pressure and it will only set you back further. There are many reasons why you should start to renew your mind and be mindful of meeting your goals with the assistance of realistic deadlines and hence writing them out so you can visualize your success.

1. Writing Out Your Goals Can Free Up Your Mind and Allow You to Plan

Writing out your goals can free up space in your mind, helps sort out what your true aspirations are and how you can meet your goals. Creating a vision board, or using post its can be a good start to getting your ideals out on a physical format. There is no way to know a clear way of finding out how to get to the next step if your mind is clouded.

2. You Will Be Able to Visualize Your Success Before You Know It

Have you ever seen something that you’ve wished for come true? It’s the best feeling and it’s even great when you see the progress you have made when you meet your goals. Even better is that, this builds up your confidence over time and you will soon find out that you won’t doubt yourself like you once did. Putting action behind a plan is the quickest way to overcome self doubt.

3. You Become More Proactive In Your Life

One of my favorite motto’s of life is that if you lose money, you can always make it back. Lose time and you can never get that back. When it comes to meeting your goals, time is of the essence. There is no better time then the present, so starting today and throwing doubt to the wayside is the way to go. Besides, the time you might spend not believing in your talents, could be spent actually achieving your goals. Go out and be great!

4. Don’t Share Your Dreams & Vision With Everyone

Most importantly, be mindful of who you share your dreams and goals with. Not everyone will be your biggest supporter. It’s the way of life, and it’s a tough world. This is when networking, and mentor ship plays a huge role. Find others that are accomplishing similar goals and lean on them for suggestions. Open up your circle to meet other individuals who are on the same path as you. That way you have a supportive member in your circle who can give you credible feedback when you need support.

Elon Musk & His Rebuttal on Government Subsidies: Are Subsidies Harmful ?

Elon Musk is Silicon Valley’s technology sweetheart and well Tesla anyone?  With a boasting net worth of 11.9 billion, the CEO of Tesla Motors and Space X has came under fire recently for reportedly cashing in on government subsidies. (Government subsidies range from corporate tax breaks, grants, discounted loans and rebates.) Understanding how this affects Tesla Motors and Space X as a whole, really makes Musk position interesting.

Government Subsidies are indeed an incentive and nothing to be ashamed of. Our country was built on these resources to help fund and develop businesses that could positively impact our economy and environment. Musk insist that the assistance that he receives from government funding is only an incentive, but that the lively hood of his corporations do not depend solely on subsidies. According to, Investopedia, “Subsidies” are defined as, ” A benefit given by government to groups or individual usually in the form of cash payment or tax reduction. The subsidy is usually given to remove some type of burden and is often considered to be in the interest of the public.”

There is a positive light to using government assistance to help with certain programming, technology innovation and the development of jobs. Which Elon has been involved in, in every form and way. With the development of building his factories in the State of Nevada and the small launch site in Texas for Space X, these incentives seem to have been used appropriately. The sigma that comes with government funding shouldn’t be shunned upon based off a few bad recipients. The development of our economy and establishing a working class should continue to be the focus. Musk is doing just that.

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Women Who LEAD : Xerox’s CEO Ursula Burns Shares Insight On her Career, Mentor Ship & Work Life Balance

Becoming the first African American female CEO to head a fortune 500 company, Ursula Burns credits much of her success to a solid upbringing of strict morale, work ethic and integrity. Raised by a single mother in the tough environment of the New York City housing projects, Ursula Burns was able to defy all odds against her as a child. Today, she holds huge responsibility; running a business that recently posted $19.5 billion dollars in annual revenues.

Managing the multinational corporation that specializes in global business services, advanced technology, and helps customers managed document sourcing is no easy fleet. With all her successes, Burns still shared insight on some of her most important highlights in her career.

1. Speak Up Because Your Opinion Matters

Burns explains in the featured article, by fast that, ” I learned from my mother that if you have a chance, you should speak. If you have an opinion, you should make it be known.” Her upbringing taught her the foundation of leadership and the importance of stepping out on your own voice. This contributed greatly to her career, and helped develop her views and logic when it came to the front lines of operating in business.

2. Ambitious Women Should Not Take Guilt Trips 

Where you are succeeding in one area, you might be sucking at another. Burns states that, its foolish to believe that you can have it all at once. Balance is an act of life and life in itself is on a continuous shift. She states that , “You should have balance, on average, over time – not in a day or in a month.” Get comfortable with the consistent balance act, something that moms are accustomed too. She explains that children are a lot more resilient then you think. It’s okay.

3. Being Direct is Your Calling Card In Business

Known for being tough, Burns has been praised for her shifting of the Xerox business. With increasing common stock dividend per share by 8.7 percent posted recently, Burns is always pushing the envelope. In this business you must always keep your eyes open for the future. ” The thing I valued most about Ursula, and why I valued her participation in senior management, is that she has the courage to tell you the truth in ugly times.”, says former CEO Anne Mulcahy.

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The CPA Credential & What It Means to Business Today

Business is always evolving, especially in today’s global market of tech startups, small businesses and multi-million dollar corporations. It’s interesting to see the evolution of our nation’s economy and how we continue to strategize our creativity so that it can pivot into the next decade of innovation. ( Forbes magazine can update you in a split second.)  As I study for my exams, I can’t help to think, how and when will my business credentials help me expand on my inner talents. I’m an analyzer by nature and detailed oriented to a degree. I’ve learned a few interesting pointers that have stood out in understanding how the CPA credential has expanded outside of its traditional format of being the introverted “bean counter”.

The CPA credential helps establish a expertise in a designated field of finance, business law, technology, and well any field! Need help with understanding expenses and long term debt you might be taking on with your new Merger and Acquisition? No problem. Are you interested in learning about investing in a company but need to the right financial reporting background projections to understand if it’s worth it? Gotcha there too. The CPA credential, can ensure its clients that they understand their needs on evaluating the financial analysis of their company, to ensure management of their book keeping and to help them iron out a few wrinkles in their taxes. (Well, maybe more than a few wrinkles, but you get the point.)

With business becoming integrated globally, it’s important that the CPA credential understands the international impact from a global perspective. With the likes of management consulting and advisory services for businesses, the CPA credential is able to take a business woman to the next level of leadership. Working alongside clients globally, can open a door of opportunities internationally while assisting with financial reporting, consulting, and strategic planning. Not only will this strengthen your partnerships, but it will sharpen your goal driven results.

CPA expertise is also needed in the governmental sector in developing budget planning and forecasting on the federal level. Federal Reserve anyone? Understanding our country’s monetary structure can use the expertise in implementing budget forecasting, understanding the financial conditions of our economy, operating results, and let’s not forget taxes.

There are many more positives to this business credential, but I think it’s more important to use your inner talents in addition to expanding on your expertise. When your passion is evident, then it can’t be dimmed.

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Welcome To The Business Shadow : A Start Into The Future

A Business Blog! I’ve always wanted to do this and after contemplating over this for the past 3 years while I was in Business School, I’m finally starting one! In the meantime, on top of being a Revenue Accountant for a Fortune 500 Company that’s multi-national, I’ve recently completed my Masters Business Administration in Accountancy and currently studying for the Certified Public Accountant exam.Talk about so much going on! Luckily, I’ve had inspiration all my life that has motivated me to get to this point.

I’m excited to display my interest in business and getting to share it in a writing format. I look forward to sharing interesting and detailed perspectives on our economy, businesses and the accounting industry. I feel that businesses and entrepreneurship fuels our country and I’m proud to be a part of a generation that is in the front line of innovation. Here at The Business Shadow I want to inspire other business women young and old to go out and conquer the world, and continue to be a pathway for the next generation.

Dominique Williams, MBA