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3 Sites That Are Great for Starting A Solid Financial Foundation for Boss Women

Stocks, mutual funds, treasury bonds? Sounds like a foreign language to many, and to more than a few probably intimidating. Luckily, there are great resources to help future investors on where and how to invest their money to start an investment portfolio.


This site is great for new investors who are interested in gaining insight on how to start investing in companies such as Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, and Caterpillar. The site is super user friendly and allows users to gain insight on performance on stock options prior to investing. Feel free to sign up for the eco friendly paperless option when it comes to receiving information from the site.

Scottrade, Inc.

Not quite ready to tackle the world of investing on your own yet? No worries! Scottrade Inc, a prized investment platform that has been around since 1980, offers future and current clients one on one consultations with a wealth advisor. Whether your interest revolves around having a hefty retirement fund, or ways to grow your money further Scottrade offers a wide range of services to get your started. They offer low fees and commissions and the site is super user friendly.


If you’re looking for a mixture of gaining financial insight on your short and long term financial goals, LearnVest is a great start. LearnVest offers the tools for the foundation of a great investor! Known as a finance company, LearnVest offers services for financial planning for retirement, savings, and boost a overall mission of helping clients make overall better financial decisions. The company is home to Certified Financial Planners and Investment Representative Investors, who help their clients to get on task with reaching their financial goals. Who doesn’t want financial freedom!

Click here for LearnVest! LearnVest

Click here for Scottrade, Inc! Scottrade Inc

Click here for Computer Share! Computer Share





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