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Women Who Lead : Ericka Pittman

Being Vice President of the Chairman’s Office at Combs Enterprises isn’t an easy feat, but Ericka Pittman handles it with grace. She also comes with some great business lessons that any woman can take in. The Baruch College graduate holds a B.A in Corporate Communications and a successful career in helping music mogul Sean Combs build his empire.  Still, the business beauty has shaped out her own individual brand that includes television, a book and running multiple business divisions for Comb Enterprises. How did she make it to the top in such a male dominated industry?  Her profound integrity, demand in respect and understanding of conducting her personal and business life has helped her climb the ladder. ( Not to mention, break some major glass ceilings.) But here are a few tips from Pittman for any woman on the path to success.

Work Life Balance – It’s a constant juggle!

Pittman acknowledges that her career is incredibly busy and with a schedule to match it’s important for her to include a good balance with life and work. “Work/life balance is a constant focus. Doing what I say I am going to do in the moment, time management, boundaries, and focus are the keys to balance for me.” , she tells The Network Journal. She respects her boundaries and tries to focus on one thing at a time when she is in the present.

The Biggest Lesson In Business- Happiness is a Personal Choice

“My heart. I have a very gum-drops and rainbows approach to life. I’m one of those people who will put a coin in an expired meter so no one gets a ticket or towed; I’m one of those types in my heart and in my core. Most people who have known me and know my heart see that side often, but I feel in business I’m not able to be that person 100% of the time- so I try to keep a balance.”  – Ericka Pittman

She believes that her life has occurred exactly how she imagined. ( Insert, super confident and determined as well.) She credits integrity in particular because that’s a needed quality in business today. You do well by doing good!

Giving Back Is Fulfilling – The Give Back Element

“That giving back element- when I elevate those around me, it just feels good. For me, I try to give back even in business. Doing well by doing good is very important to me. The same way I was blessed in my career, I try and pass on the good karma by doing everything in my power to advance the next woman that deserves it.” she tells Good Black News. She’s super passionate about mentor ship and helping other women reach their goals in business. She understands that giving back ultimate is about passing the baton to the next woman in line. Empowering and uplifting others is one of her favorite joys in her career in business.





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