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The Art of Balance : Being A Business Woman 101

The art of balance is something that has been talked about so frequently amongst career women that you could Google this very topic and I’m sure a million articles will pop up through the search engine. One of my favorite quotes by Oprah Winfrey always stands out when I think of the complexity of juggling different hats. “You can have it all, but not all at once.” For many women, this statement can be a reoccurring ponder in your head. In the mist of conference calls, frequent flyer miles, studying for licenses and late night evenings going over client work; the dust settles. Then that daunting thought comes floating across your mind once again.

In fact the further that my career has advance, I continue to find the answer in response to that ponder. I now understand that there will be moments where it will be a 80/20 percentile and that’s perfectly perfect. Rest in knowing that it’s okay that you will not be superb at everything all at once.

Don’t Compare Your Life To Another

“Every one of our lives is unique. My life was not the same as my friends’ growing up, and it isn’t now. I had to learn to stop comparing myself to others. When we strive to be like others, or do what they do, we can become unhappy. I strongly believe that comparison breeds discontentment. I’ve learned to invest in the things that are valuable to me.” – Candace Cameron Bure , Balancing it All : My Story on Priorities and Purpose

One week you might kill it on that presentation on Tax Compliance for a new client but be disappointed that the prior evening you ended up missing a night out with a girlfriend, to celebrate her new promotion.  Or you might excel at being an attention doting girlfriend and accomplish cooking a 5 course dinner for your anniversary, but that week you might be having a hard time hitting sales, while second guessing your marketing strategy. In fact, that’s life! The journey gets better when you realize that life is about the purpose and not about being perfect at everything. It’s when you embrace change, growth, and many of life’s challenges; is when you will see yourself excel.  You will ultimately focus on the things that bring life and value to your life, which will result in happiness because you’re doing things that are important to you.

Redefine Work Life and Love On Your Terms

We work and create based off of our passion, which is ultimately nurtured by what’s important to us personally. Be it career/a spouse/or a personal goal, we base our drive off of exterior influences. These experiences shape and mold us into the people we are to become and it’s important to not get too far away from the essence of yourself. CEO Ursula Burns states that, ” It’s a fools journey to try to achieve perfect balance between one’s professional and personal lives. Get comfortable with the idea of taking your entire life to find balance.” Most importantly, she states ” Don’t take life too seriously, and it should be enjoyed.”

Know When To Say No

How do you know when you have a good work life balance? ” When I am able to say no. When I can put the phone down to enjoy my family after I’ve worked a great day. That’s how I know I am in balance.” – Lisa Cash Hanson, CEO of Snuggwugg Inc. Knowing when to tune out the world to get back in tune is vital and helps rejuvenate any working women to get back on her A game. Understanding what is most valuable to you will help keep you in line when you are attempting the balance act. So to answer Oprah’s statement, it’s true. You can have it all, but in the way that suits you best!


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