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Hey Boss Lady! Here Are A Few Reasons Why Women Make Great Entrepreneurs

Ah, to be an aspiring entrepreneur! I remember clocking in for work at my first retail job as a sales associate at 16 years old, and remember thinking I need to build something of my own. Point blank, I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and it never let up! You ever heard of the saying, your dreams are not big enough if they don’t scare you? Well, I’ve always feverishly chased after mine, and that has included moving to a completely different state to pursue them as well. My dreams never scared me, but they did inspire me to keep pushing myself, so that I could accomplish my purpose. Everyday there are women that are feverishly working towards their goals, big and small. Without a doubt, with faith and a good sense of perseverance you can add momentum to your accomplishments so that you’re the girl boss you’ve always dreamed to be!

Women Entrepreneurs Understand Their Passions

Comprising for almost over half of businesses today, women are setting new standards from the traditional entrepreneur. From emerging in technology, medicine and many business industries, women are developing and creating innovation all over the country. The key component, passion! This source of energy is very vital in starting and owning your own business, because without it your business will fail. Learning your industry in and out, will ensure you the ultimate success when it comes to what sets you apart from your competitors. In the beginning stages, your business will have its challenges, so it’s important for you to not give up, and weather the storms when they come. Spanks founder, Sara Blakely, never took a business course, but her passion was prominent and she went on the build a billion dollar company.

Motivation for Control

Most women entrepreneurs understand that working for someone else’s vision long term isn’t helping them reach their full potential. Hence, the control for creating their own legacy! When I ventured into my path to start business school for my MBA, I had two years of management under my belt by the age of 24, but I wasn’t really satisfied with the results of my career. The path of a female entrepreneur is not an easy path, but the desire to succeed on your own terms is out there if you continue to reach for it. Now three years later, I’m in the process of reaching personal business goals in the future due to my diligence of taking a chance. Working steadily on your business plan at night, and performing on your day job is a challenge, but it’s important that you’re doing something for your vision every day!

Female Entrepreneurs Help Build the Economy

Founding female businesses account for 30% of all firms in the United States, and can be accredited for boosting the U.S economy as well. Along with job creation, female business owners tend to produce a higher return on investment than men when it comes to company valuation. Due to more women graduating with higher degrees than ever before, many are coming to the competition with more education. This is turn helps many women in the negotiation process of raising funding from venture capitalist when pitching their startups, and/or securing a loan. Funding is a critical process of starting a business, and many female entrepreneurs are equip with the financial literacy to get the capital they need. With the rising number of businesses owned by women the opportunities are endless, especially with the wealth knowledge that many bring to the business table.

Now is the best time for many women to branch outside of their shadows and to pursue their aspirations more than ever. Learning and growing is an inevitable process in life, and the journey of a business owner is the gift that keeps on giving. There is no greater return on investment than investing in yourself! When you continue to bet faithfully in your dream, then there is no way you can lose!


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