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Power Your Way Forward Women’s Conference : Dallas Texas 2015

Power Your Way Forward 3rd Annual Women’s Conference was an inspiring event that established the meaning of women’s entreuprenuership and the importance of women building one another up. Based out of Dallas, TX,  Founder Star Williams started the organization to help women discover their life purpose in business. With the keynote speakers ranging from retail , fitness, finance, and public relations industries, it offered a range of credible advice for women that were interested in discovering their purpose and how to follow through with the next steps. Here are a few things that I learned at the conference.

1. Seek Out Your Purpose

The conference was centered around the importance of women ultilizing their purpose and to continue to discover what their God given talents are. If you are fortunate enough to know what your talents are, you should focus soley on becoming a master of your gift. Business Strategist, Cherise Riley adds that you must be consistent with your purpose, speak life into your passions & goals, and optimize on every opportunity.

2. Women Grow Women

This philosophy was presented by CEO , Daniell Veasey founder of UB4ME,  the Business Consulting & Marketing Firm focuses on promotional products and marketing strategies for new companies. She stressed the importance of how women can only teach one another to be great. It’s important to garner a close business relationships and to encourage one another to fulfil our talents.

3. Help Those By Passing The Torch

Once a woman has master the art of being a success, then it’s important to share success tips. By passing the torch, you’re uplifting one another to go on to live out their dreams by providing resources, advice and expertise from past failures and sucesses. Founder of PYWF Star Williams, ended the conference by adding the importance of staying postive in your vision, stay on track with your vision, and understand what God gave you.

Interested in learning more about Power Your Way Forward Conference and its Founder Star Williams. More information here. 


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