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CEO Marc Benioff : The Salesforce Culture Lacks Women Leadership

Women’s inequality in leadership roles have been an ongoing issue in many corporate cultures, but it seems that there is a new wave of top executives who would like to change that. Saleforce CEO and founder Marc Benioff, started his cloud computing organization in 1999, after leaving Oracle as a top executive. He set out to change the face of integrated technology and he did just that. The risk paid off tremendously for Benioff, with Salesforce generating $4 billion in revenues last year alone. The company is known for their cloud computing, which relies strongly on the sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of leverage, over a large massive network. It’s a broader spectrum of a converged infrastructure and shared services. Still, as advance as the tech company has differentiated itself, there is still major progress to be made when it comes to gender diversity in the Saleforce work culture.

Benioff speaks with CNN Money, about his regrets of not integrating more female leadership in his startup stating, “I wish I could rewind time and go back and put that women’s equality issue into the culture from the beginning. Looking back, 16 years, that was as big an issue as the philanthropy issues are for me now.” Looking at the numbers are astonishing, with Saleforce employing less that 30% of women in general. The upper leadership level for women shows a decrease of 15%. Still, Benioff has some huge goals that focuses on changing these numbers, by adding, “We have to take the goal of 50-50. This should be a metric that every CEO manages.” He also has implemented more mentorship programs that are geared towards women, increased job promotions, and is currently focusing on making sure employees, men and women, have the same pay. A 12 month implemented plan to make these changes has been made and he hopes that this restructure will build a culture that will inspire gender diversity for other industries.

Other technology companies, such as Intel, Apple, and Google have recently spoken out about implementing similar plans to change the face of leadership by adding more women. Google has recently started a voucher program for women to learn coding by offering free lessons just for starters. All in all, effective change must start with action, and we all know that change is necessary for growth. It will be exciting to see how Saleforce will pull through after these positive changes.

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